What is the slope of the line whose equation is y−4= StartFraction 5 Over 2 EndFraction.(x−2)?A coordinate plane with a line passing through the points (0, negative 1) and (2, 4).–negative StartFraction 5 Over 2 EndFraction.–negative StartFraction 2 Over 5 EndFraction.StartFraction 2 Over 5 EndFraction.StartFraction 5 Over 2 EndFraction.

Accepted Solution

For this case we must find the slope of the following equation:[tex]y-4 = \frac {5} {2} (x-2)[/tex]By definition, the point-slope equation of a line is given by:[tex]y-y_ {0} = m (x-x_ {0})[/tex]Where:[tex](x_ {0}, y_ {0})[/tex]: It is a point through which the line passesm: It's the slopeSo, the slope of the given equation is:[tex]m = \frac {5} {2}[/tex]Answer:Option D